The Territory

Rocca Santa Maria is a beautiful mountain town surrounded by greenery and nature in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

Its territory is characterized by splendid woods, wonderful waterfalls and river springs, not to mention the breathtaking views that open up before our eyes once we reach peaks such as that of Monte Gorzano or Moscio lace . In Rocca Santa Maria, more precisely in the locality of Ceppo , you can admire unique naturalistic beauties such as the very particular twisted Beech trees of Jiacci di Verre , the beautiful < strong> Morricana Waterfall or the Borsco Martese , a historical as well as naturalistic place, a symbol of partisan resistance, which became famous for being the scene of the first battle of the Partisans against the German troops in 1943 .


In the territory of Rocca Santa Maria we find several fascinating places to visit such as the villages of di Paranesi , of Riano and Fioli rich of history and traditions related to sheep farming and agriculture. The beautiful abandoned villages of Martese , Serra , San Biagio and Tavolero , places where the time seems to have stopped and nature has recovered its spaces enveloping houses, ruins and streets, creating magical and fascinating landscapes.

Rocca Santa Maria is also a place rich in culture and architectural beauties, among the most beautiful to visit we find the Church of Sant’Egidio in Acquaratola, the Church of San Martino in Fioli and the Ruins of the Church of San Flaviano .

Not only nature, history and culture in the territory of Rocca Santa Maria but also good food and excellent typical products that transform this town into a paradise for gourmets. Porcini mushrooms , chestnuts , cheeses , sausages and game are just some of the products typical dishes that can be tasted in this area surrounded by nature and rich in food and wine traditions. Rocca Santa Maria is a unique location for its traditions, natural beauty and its exquisite dishes with an inimitable taste and is ready to welcome you, surprise you and conquer you!

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