Other typical products

Rocca Santa Maria has many typical products, such as mushrooms and chestnuts, but no less are other products inextricably linked to the territory. Thanks to an agriculture rooted in tradition, agrarian landscapes of great charm and environmental interest have been preserved, here the different crops integrate and fit together like the tiles of a mosaic, chestnut groves and woods.
Everywhere you can find many typical products of great excellence:

Pecorino cheese

The area has been dedicated to sheep farming since ancient times and cheese has always been of central interest both for food and for trade. All dairy products still retain the ancient characteristics handed down for generations, such as pecorino, sheep’s milk cheese mixed with goat, with maturation can vary from 3 to 6 months, characterized by a pungent, almost spicy and salty flavor. Excellent to savor with honey or jams of various kinds.

Gentian liqueur

Another typical product is the Gentian liqueur appreciated and drunk throughout Abruzzo and beyond. This liqueur comes from the maceration of the roots of the Gentian plant, native to the areas of the Monti della Laga and Ceppo, with alcohol and sugar. Characterized by an amber color, the Gentian liqueur has an initially intense bitter taste, which gradually fades towards a more natural flavor that recalls the roots and sugar. A plant known for its therapeutic properties is an excellent ally for protecting the immune system and for skin care.

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