Fragrances and flavors

The whole area of ​​Rocca Santa Maria is a gourmet’s paradise, here you can taste delicious traditional dishes, local drinks and typical products of high quality.
There are several recipes and products related to the activity of sheep farming such as sheep alla callara, kebabs and local pecorino, a cheese with a pungent, almost spicy flavor, excellent to be enjoyed with honey or jams. Absolutely to be tasted, especially in the colder periods, are the chickpea and chestnut-based soups and polenta usually accompanied by an exquisite sauce with sausages or with game or porcini mushrooms, typical of this area.
Even the preparation of sausages is a typical gastronomic activity of these areas, here we can find cured meats, sausages, hams and lonzini that are normally served as an appetizer, but also as a tasty aperitif to be accompanied with a good glass of wine, while chatting while admiring the wonderful mountain panorama of these splendid places.
Finally, after a nice sumptuous meal, it is possible to relax enjoying the typical amaro of the territory, the gentian liqueur, obtained from the distillation of the roots of the gentian plant, native to the Ceppo area .

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