Il Ceppo: the ideal place for the kingdom of mushrooms

The Strain, due to the particular morphology of its territory, and its climatic characteristics, is the ideal place for the proliferation of a great variety of trees.
At a height of 1000m above sea level it is possible to meet maple, apple and cherry trees wild, while at altitudes between 1300 and 1900 m, in which the climate is purely alpine, we find the true king of the forest: the Secular Beech.
It is present in the Morricana woods, in these habitats from the mountain climate, a real “kingdom of Mushrooms” has developed, enriched by the presence of relatively interesting finds also at national level, such as the Mycena Renati Alba variety, found for the first time here at the Ceppo and kept in the Museum of Natural Sciences of Venice. Il Ceppo is the perfect place to find a huge amount of porcini mushrooms, which can be collected with the appropriate licenses. Among these mushrooms we find, for example, in the autumn period, Boletus Edulis, highly sought after for its intense aroma and high quality. There are several species of mushrooms that can be found in this area such as the Galletti, the Prataiolo and the Pletorus, these are some of the most valuable species. For those who are not familiar with mushrooms, it is advisable to have the mushrooms collected in the appropriate service at the ASL recognized and also in the vicinity of the Strain, there is a mycological association that deals with teaching the kingdom of mushrooms to enthusiasts or to those who he is inexperienced. Before searching for mushrooms it is also advisable to check the necessary permissions. Also, always pay close attention.

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