The chestnuts

The forest landscape of Monti della Laga is characterized by a multitude of plant species, one of the most representative is the chestnut. The entire territory holds one of the oldest chestnut groves in the Apennines, where centuries-old trees have managed to survive over the centuries, and still retain their imposing and immense beauty today. It is no coincidence that in the neighboring territory of Valle Castellana there is one of the longest-lived and largest chestnut groves, including a 500-year-old specimen called the Piantone di Nardò and is a symbol of strong cultural identity for the entire community.

Chestnuts are excellent and delicious first fruits and are used for many recipes: from the chestnut and chickpea soup typical of autumn and winter, up to the beloved “Calcionetti”, fried sweets typical of the Abruzzo tradition, mostly prepared in the period Christmas. The filling of these sweets is prepared with a soft chestnut puree, enriched with various ingredients such as chocolate, dried fruit and honey.

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