Ceppo and surroundings

In the Municipality of Rocca Santa Maria , guarded within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, we find the Ceppo , one of the most visited mountain resorts in Abruzzo . At any time of the year, walking through Il Ceppo means being totally immersed in nature and discovering wonderful places.
In these areas it is possible to go hiking on foot, by e-bike, < / strong> in mountainbike and on horseback . The area is full of various tourist itineraries that lead to nearby villages or to discover the woods and the peaks of the highest mountains.

One of the flagships of this locality is the Bosco Martese, one of the most intact green areas in Italy, immersed in the Rio Castellano valley, the forest, in addition to being the guardian of a great biodiversity, in the past was the scenario of the historic battle between the partisans and the German troops, fought during the Second World War.


Within this beautiful wooded area, we find many naturalistic attractions such as the stazzi of Jacci di Verre where we can admire the beautiful and particular “Faggi Torti”, or the Bear Lake , located at 1800 meters above sea level, and from which it is possible to admire a wonderful and unique landscape, which overlooks the entire chain of the Monti della Laga and Monte Gorzano, but also beautiful and imposing waterfalls with crystal clear water that fascinate visitors with their water games and with the sweet sounds of the streams below. One of the best known and most visited is the Morricana waterfall , located at 1600 meters above sea level, a splendid place that will amaze you in all seasons, especially in spring when the snowpack begins to melt and everything is colored of magic.

Thanks to its climate and its beech and fir woods, the Ceppo is the kingdom of mushrooms. Here you can find, throughout the year, many varieties of delicious mushrooms, the best of all is undoubtedly the Porcino Nero. In autumn, however, thanks to the presence of beautiful centuries-old chestnuts, chestnuts are never lacking and, together with mushrooms, enrich delicious dishes typical of this area.

In winter, the mountain turns white and is ready to welcome tourists who love cold climates and winter sports. In fact, in these areas it is possible to practice alpine trekking, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. For those who love snow, but want also relax, in these winter times the shelters are excellent places to enjoy moments of relaxation and warmth, enjoying a hot chocolate or a typical local bitter in front of the fire of a fireplace.


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