From Ceppo to the Morricana

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The route is divided into the Bosco Martese, a place of unique beauty, one of the richest in flora, mycological and landscape varieties of the Laga.
The walk starts from piazzale del Ceppo where you can park your car to continue on foot. Go up the road that leads to the campsite and, upon reaching the fork in the road, follow the signs for the Cascate della Morricana and take the dirt road that enters the wood.
The path continues on level ground, passing occasionally small ditches where, in the spring period, suggestive waterfalls are formed that feed the underlying Rio Castellano.
Almost at the end of the dirt road that develops in an enchanting beech forest, you will find a forest house, shortly after the The road ends (at about 6 km).
You can easily reach this point with a mountain bike, then you have to continue on foot following the well-marked and equipped path that leads to the suggestive Morricana waterfall, where you arrive later about 45 minutes.
The return takes place on the same route.

Difficulty: Hiking
Maximum altitude: 1550 waterfalls of the Morricana m.
Length: 7800 m.
Duration: 04:40:00

Ascent with difference in altitude 442 m.
Descent with difference in altitude 26 m.

Download the IGM map (source: Province of Teramo)

For an excursion in complete safety it is recommended to use suitable equipment and tools and always have the utmost attention.



Cascate della Morricana

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