From Ceppo to the Fosso della Cavata

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Starting from piazzale del Ceppo in the direction of La Laga, once you pass the campsite, two dirt roads begin. At this point it is necessary to take the one on the left, to leave it where it bends to the left again after a hundred meters. Continue through the dense forest, along a path indicated by trail no. 300 and the Sentiero Italia, which climbs up with a long series of turns. Once we have come out of the woods, around 1650 meters above sea level, we continue through the pastures to the saddle of Lake d’Orso, the viewpoint over the Fosso della Cavata and the Corno Grande. In this area you find a dirt road that you follow up to the Jacci di Verre refuge. Going down to the edge of the wood you will reach the characteristic “twisted beeches” bent by the weight of the snow. Returning to the saddle, continue along a wide path halfway up the slope that touches the Fonte delle Trocche and continues towards the Fosso della Cavata. After passing some rocks you reach the stream above a waterfall.

The Cavata waterfall is formed by the melt waters of the large amphitheater east of Pizzo di Mosci which, flowing over the waterproof sandstone rocks, offers a unique spectacle before reaching the town of Padula.

Walking time: from 2 hours to 4 hours
Difficulty: C
Difference in height: from 600 to 1050 meters
Signpost: marked white-red
Recommended period: from June to October

(source: Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park)

For an excursion in complete safety it is recommended to use suitable equipment and tools and always have the utmost attention.

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Cascata della Cavata

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