The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park/h1>

The Municipality of Rocca Santa Maria is part of the territory of the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga , a protected place of extraordinary beauty, nestled in the heart of the elevation of this mountain range.

The Park extends along the territory of three regions (Abruzzo, Lazio and Marche), and offers a varied panorama , made up of high altitudes and hills, waterfalls and streams, glaciers and forests. At high altitude, on the Gran Sasso, (where we reach 3000 meters above sea level), the environment is characterized by the typical fauna and flora of the Alpine areas. Continuing towards the Monti della Laga, however, we can meet splendid villages perched on spurs or immersed in the woods and visit spectacular waterfalls, hidden in the dense lush forests.


From spring to autumn the Park is filled with colors, in fact, in these places we can find endemic plants such as the Viola della Majella, the Edelweiss and the Apennine Genepì, plants resistant to cold and with bright colors. In spring at lower altitudes we find other species such as the Limonio Aquilano and it is possible to witness the flowering of the beautiful Yellow Adonis, a species that grows only in this area and which was believed to be now extinct.

The Park also boasts a very rich fauna heritage , its symbolic animal, after its reintroduction and re-colonization in the mountains, is the Apennine chamois, of which today there are about 500 individuals . Other large and majestic animals that we find within the territory of the park are the Deer, the Roe Deer, the Apennine Wolf and birds of prey of rare beauty such as the Golden Eagle and the Peregrine Falcon, which if spotted will make your journey unique. / p>

The territory of the National Park and Monti della Laga is the perfect combination of woods, plants, animals, streams, waterfalls and unforgettable views.

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