Roseto, Pineto and Silvi, an itinerary between nature reserves and crystal clear sea

From Ceppo, passing through the SP48 state road, we head east to visit the southernmost coastal towns of the province of Teramo. In an hour we arrive at Roseto , known as “lido delle rose” and for its regional Nature Reserve called Riserva del Borsacchio, a wild and golden beach and crystal clear sea that will captivate you. Another flagship of Roseto is the ancient village, Montepagano, guardian of ancient monuments such as the Porta da Borea and the Castle of Montepagano.

Continuing along the SS16 in a few minutes we reach the town of Pineto , so called for the very long and vast pine forest that separates the houses from the beach.


Here you can visit the beautiful “Torre di Cerrano” Marine Protected Area, which takes its name from the beautiful Spanish Tower inside the park and extends for about 7 km. Another place of great naturalistic interest is the green oasis of the Filiani Park, which offers breathtaking views of the crystal clear sea. Finally, in the village of Santa Maria, a small fraction of Pineto, it is possible to admire the Cenerone Vulcanello, which in appearance may seem a heap of earth, but in reality hides a particular pseudo-volcanic phenomenon characterized by the upwelling of mud, water, clays and hydrocarbons that contribute to its growth.
Continuing along the SS16, we arrive at our final destination of the tour of the naturalistic villages of the Adriatic coast: Silvi.


Silvi Marina, is a place that embodies uniqueness and beauty, boasting a wide and more than 6km long beach. Here, you can spend a beautiful day on the beach or in one of the green areas in this town or take a walk along the wide promenade shaded by green pine trees. Also worth visiting is the beautiful Silvi Alta which houses ancient monuments and is the nerve center of the history of the village, here you can admire the church of San Salvatore, dating back to the medieval period and the beautiful Church of San Rocco, renovated during the nineteenth century. br /> Last but not least, and an obligatory stop, is the belvedere located just above the arches that characterize this village and which are visible from the coast. Here you can admire the beautiful panorama below that overlooks the entire coast, on clear days you can see from Roseto to Pescara and beyond.

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