Remembering the ancient festival of the Ascension of the Serra

Once upon a time, endless lines of pilgrims, starting from dawn and from every town in the Laga, set out on foot along the many paths that led to the promontory of the Serra at 1,096 meters above sea level. of altitude.
This great festival, which was held in spring, was a great explosion of lights and flowers and made all the mountain valleys shine, ideally freeing them from the mists and rigors of the winter season .
From the long meditations lived in front of the fire of the fireplaces, in the tiny houses, we passed to the almost boundless majesty of the green mountain of the woods, covered by newly sprouted leaves, which stood out in the blue light of the sky. > In ancient times something great, religious, which has not been handed down to us, must have happened in these places, because the pilgrims were so many and they came in groups even from distant countries including Ascoli.
The pilgrims, collected all the snails (including snails) that they encountered on their way, because they represented the souls in purgatory who, participating in the feast of the ascension, would ascend to heaven and then they he saud their desire by releasing them on the Serra promontory.

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