An itinerary between Abruzzo and Marche

Starting from Rocca Santa Maria, and following the SP49 towards Ascoli we arrive at the beautiful village of Valle Castellana, located on the border between Abruzzo and Marche.
The territory of this municipality is rich of woods, rivers, lakes, centuries-old chestnut groves and a suggestive panorama overlooking the imposing Monti della Laga. Also from the archaeological point of view, Valle Castellana, has a certain importance, in fact, here many tools and remains of tombs dating back to the Paleolithic have been found. Very interesting to see are the ruins of Castel Manfrino, a castle built between the 12th and 13th centuries on the remains of an ancient Roman fortress.

Valle Castellana

From Valle Castellana, in about 40 minutes, we reach the lovely Marche town of Acquasanta Terme , a small village nestled between the Monti della Laga and the Monti Sibillini. Its territory, rich in caves and the vapors of the thermal waters make it the ideal place to relax and spend time dedicated to mental and physical well-being. To visit absolutely is the fortress of Castel di Luco, located not far from the town. The fortress was built in the 14th century and still today is massive and almost impregnable with its defense towers and closed walls.


From Acquasanta Terme, through the SS4 road, in just 20 minutes you arrive at Ascoli Piceno, also called the city of a hundred towers, due to the many noble and bell towers scattered throughout the area. Here it is worth visiting the heart of the city: Piazza Del Popolo. A characteristic pizza for its flooring made from travertine slabs and considered to be among the most beautiful in Italy. Also worth seeing is Piazza Arringo, the oldest in the city, where we can admire important palaces and the Cathedral of Sant’Emilio. Finally, you cannot leave Ascoli without having tasted the delicious Olives all’Ascolana, to be enjoyed warm in foil while walking through the streets of this splendid city.

Rooca Santa Maria

Valle Castellana

Acquasanta Terme

Ascoli Piceno

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